About Us

REBEL STEEL is an Australian Company. We have commercial relationships with some of the worlds largest fabricators and are the national agent for Kirby Building Systems . Kirby is the third largest fabricator around the globe and offers a comprehensive range of products and services. It is a leader and supplier of pre-engineered buildings (PEB's)

Our partners use tried and proven systems in over 70 countries with more than 50,000 projects completed. Locally we have built, and or tendered on 90 projects nationally. Our background over 20 years in the development of commercial and industrial projects identified the need and market niche for the establishing of REBEL STEEL.

We deliver a complete range of pre-engineered and structural steel for any size commercial project. A higher degree of structural flexibility can be accommodated such as extended stacking heights, internal crainage and production line deviation. Delivery is to any container port in Australia and all standards meet or exceed local requirements. (refer Quality Control)

REBEL partners design and manufacture to client needs and offer a range of services from low to high rise buildings, conventional structural steel buildings, primary and secondary frames, mezzanines, fascias, canopies, cranes, open web joists, and trusses. Roof and wall cladding systems can be supplied.

Our steel products cover applications in market segments including:


Our people can provide expertise in the following areas and manage a Works Program.

The above expertise is local ( Sydney based) Full details listed under contacts. Riggers and Boiler Makers may be sourced locally and Supply only arrangements can apply.

Some worldwide clients include Nokia, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, GM, Mercedes, Shell, Mobil Bridgestone, GE, British Tobacco.

PRICE is considered and recognised by industry to be extremely competitive. Quality is NOT compromised.

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